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Your visit Terra Natura Benidorm will immerse you in a journey for all your sensescoming in contact with the most beautiful and imposing living creaturs of our planet. What better way to do that than to accompany the caregivers and educators who work with the animals every dayWith ZOO EXPERIENCE you receive our timetable of experiences with specific proposals to discover animals up close in their most friendly environments at Terra Natura. 

ZOO EXPERIENCE is a free activity by which you can learn the secrets, the moving stories and the peculiarities of the poisonous creatures in the volcano, the birds at the aviary, as well as the jaguars, dromedaries, elephants, tigers, rhinos, otters and hundreds more throughout the park. 

Foia del Verdader, 1 (03502 BENIDORM), Alicante. España


Tlf: (+34) 96 607 27 70 Fax: (+34) 96 607 27 55


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