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La importancia de preservar la biodiversidad del planeta y el aprendizaje de forma divertida serán los temas centrales que servirán como punto de partida para el desarrollo de la programación veraniega de la Escuela de Verano de Terra Natura Benidorm. El campamento estival estará dirigido a niños y niñas de edades comprendidas entre los 4 y 12 años. El plazo de matrícula está abierto desde hoy y toda la información necesaria se encuentra disponible en la página web

Incorporamos cuatro nuevas aves rapaces a nuestras demostraciones didácticas y educativas

Incorporamos cuatro nuevas aves rapaces a nuestras demostraciones didácticas y educativas con el objetivo de difundir valores de conservación de estas especies, que contribuyen al control de plagas y a la biodiversidad de los ecosistemas. En concreto, hemos recibido un águila de Harris, un halcón negro, un halcón peregrino y un búho de Bengala.

A couple of storks from recovery centres nests in Terra Natura Benidorm

Two white storks (Ciconia ciconia) that live in Terra Natura Benidorm since 2005 and 2006 respectively, have managed to successfully nest and lay two eggs that are expected to hatch over the coming weeks. Both birds come from the Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Species (CREA) 'Los Hornos', located in Cáceres.

Our veterinarians operate a mouflon to treat his limp

Carlota is already walking normally after she was attended to treat a limp that she had in her right leg. Our veterinarians have operated this young mouflon (Ovis aries musimon) that was born in January 2019 in Terra Natura Benidorm. Two weeks ago, was when she started to experience a slight limp.

Aqua Natura becomes a model as an inclusive park for the blind people

Aqua Natura has become an example as an inclusive park model for people with visual disabilities through a German television programme, which has been filmed during these days in its facilities. The water park has an activity with sea lions that consists of assisted interaction for therapeutic purposes for people who have some type of disability or special needs.

The snakes of Terra Natura Benidorm surprise their keepers by synchronising the change of their skin

Never before has happen in the same moment in these animals. The snakes that live inside the volcano at Terra Natura Benidorm have synchronises the process of shedding their skin, a phase that indicates that they are ready for reproduction. With the arrival of spring and the slight rise in temperatures, more than eight different species of reptiles have started at the same time to shed their skin.

We received a group of 13 birds confiscated by state security forces

In Terra Natura Benidorm we have taken in a group of 13 birds recovered by state security forces in confiscation operations due to trafficking or illegal possession of species. The transfer of these specimens, which have arrived in custody to the zoo, has been carried out through the Foundation for the Investigation of Ethology and Biodiversity (FIEB), located in Toledo.

Spring is in the air at Terra Natura Benidorm with the first births of the season

Spring has started in Terra Natura Benidorm with the first births of the season. We just welcomed the birth of a baby fox flying (Pteropus lylei), although the team of veterinarians and zoo keepers hopes that the birth of 10 other offspring of this species will arrive in the next weeks, as there are many females pregnant.

The birth of a jaguar consolidates us in the conservation of big felines

The experience of Terra Natura Benidorm in the conservation and care of big felines has allowed the birth of a new jaguar (Panthera onca). This is the third time that our team of zookeepers and veterinarians of the zoo have managed to reproduce this species, thus contributing to the preservation of these animals, which are currently threatened.

We present our experience in the treatment of Asian elephants at the AIZA congress

Our veterinary team has explained their experience in the treatment of Asian elephants in the annual conference of AIZA where more than 150 specialists of zoos and aquariums of Spain and Portugal meet until Saturday in the city of Santander.

Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates a lazy Lori to the area of the volcanoThe area of the volcano at

The area of ​​the volcano at Terra Natura Benidorm has a new resident. It´s been moved a lazy lory (Nycticebus pygmaeus) to this area, where the permanent exhibition of poisonous animals is located because this mammal expels poison through glands. The species, whose state of conservation in nature is vulnerable, has basically nocturnal habits and therefore a facility adapted to its biorhythms has been prepared in a way that guarantees its well-being.

The emu male lives a Valentine´s day focused on raising their eggs

The breeding work in the animal kingdom usually falls on the females mostly, although there are species that break this rule. This is the case of the emu (Dromaius) that lives in Terra Natura Benidorm, since one of the females of the species has laid 10 eggs, the male is dedicated exclusively to incubate them, to the point that during this phase almost no food is eaten to focus all its time and energy to take care of the eggs.

We take part in an international study about the elephant’s welfare

We have taken part in the elaboration of an international study for the welfare of elephants, where we are going to analysed the diet of the four female’s Asian elephant, the body morphology of each specimen and the evolution of their weight in recent years.

We make tests to the capuchin monkey to prevent a hereditary disease

Our veterinary team has done a blood extraction to a capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) to check its coagulation index and determine if it suffers from a genetic disease. The zookeepers observed a few days ago that the specimen, named Golum, had some limp when walking so he couldn´t move normally in the installation. This behaviour has made the carers suspect that the animal may have inherited the same disease that his father, who died unexpectedly a few months ago.

Terra Natura Benidorm, first leisure park to sign an agreement with Renfe in the Valencian Community

The agreement has been signed during the celebration of FITUR and will allow the theme park be promoted as a tourist destination.

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