Preparamos un menú degustación a más de 40 animales para celebrar San Antón

Este fin de semana nos sumamos a la celebración del día de San Antón, patrón de los animales, con el diseño de una programación específica que incluirá actividades tan sorprendentes como ofrecer un menú degustación a más de 40 animales.

Examinamos a las crías de ocelote para confirmar su salud y sexarlas

Las crías de ocelote se encuentran en perfecto estado de salud. Así lo ha confirmado nuestro equipo de expertos después de realizar la primera revisión veterinaria a ambas crías que nacieron el pasado mes de noviembre en las instalaciones. La revisión no se había efectuado antes para evitar un posible rechazo de la madre hacia las crías al haber entrado en contacto con seres humanos.



Os informamos de los nombres de los ganadores del sorteo de juguetes y entradas infantiles de las cartas entregadas a Papá Noel y a los Reyes Magos.

Conseguimos la reproducción del vertebrado más venenoso del planeta

Se trata de la primera vez que el parque logra que la pareja de ranas de flecha dorada críe en nuestras instalaciones

We make an emergency drill

We have just put into practice our self-protection protocol to know how employees should act in the event of an emergency situation. Within the training, a simulation has been carried out with the park closed to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

We anticipate Christmas by giving our animals special gifts


The Christmas programme will take place from December 6th to January 6th.

The magic of Christmas has reached Terra Natura Benidorm. We have created a special programme of entertainment activities for families, which will feature musical animations, puppets, craft workshops and storytelling.


We have managed to find out the sex of the poisonous lizards after more than four years waiting

Our team of experts has managed to determine the sex of the two poisonous lizards after more than four years waiting. The zoo keepers have had to wait for the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) and the scorpion lizard (Heloderma horridum) to reach sexual maturity at the age of four.

Union of lionesses with the male

The group of Asian lions (Panthera leo persica) of Terra Natura Benidorm has successfully overcome the period of union and adaptation, which started in June with the arrival of three new females to the zoo to create a group of this species along with the male, called Bala, who has lived in the zoo for 11 years.

Two ocelots are born

The Terra Natura Benidorm family of felines grows. Thanks to the conservation work carried out by the team of experts, they have managed to achieve a new reproduction between the ocelots (Leopardus pardalis).

We prepare to protect the animals before the arrival of cold weather

Our veterinary team is supplying vitamin C and heating systems have been activated for the most vulnerable species.

We extend with a pair of Surinam toad the exhibition of poisonous creatures.

We added to the exhibition of poisonous creatures a pair of Surinam toad (Pipa pipa), considered one of the strangest amphibians on the planet for its morphology and its reproduction. This species is also known in the Guaraní language of the indigenous people of the Amazon as cururú or frog of cells. The purpose of this couple's arrival is to contribute in the reproduction of this species in captivity and reinforce its conservation.

We participate in a genetic study of the Siam crocodile to help its conservation

We participated in a study to detect genetic signs in the Siam crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) and decided if individuals are genetically viable or hybrid in order to develop breeding and conservation programmes, both in situ and ex situ. This species is in critical danger of extinction, considered the most serious threat before being extinguished in freedom, which makes it the most threatened crocodile on the planet.

We reinvent Halloween with a night battle of fluorescent colours

The commitment to innovate has led us to reinvent the celebration of Halloween through the organization of a party in which 150 kilos of fluorescent powders will be launched. It is the first time in Spain that an event is organized in which this type of luminescent pigments that shine in the dark is used. The party, which has been called Holiween, will take place on Saturday, November 3rd, as a culmination to the activities of Halloween.

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