Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates a lazy Lori to the area of the volcanoThe area of the volcano at

The area of ​​the volcano at Terra Natura Benidorm has a new resident. It´s been moved a lazy lory (Nycticebus pygmaeus) to this area, where the permanent exhibition of poisonous animals is located because this mammal expels poison through glands. The species, whose state of conservation in nature is vulnerable, has basically nocturnal habits and therefore a facility adapted to its biorhythms has been prepared in a way that guarantees its well-being.

The emu male lives a Valentine´s day focused on raising their eggs

The breeding work in the animal kingdom usually falls on the females mostly, although there are species that break this rule. This is the case of the emu (Dromaius) that lives in Terra Natura Benidorm, since one of the females of the species has laid 10 eggs, the male is dedicated exclusively to incubate them, to the point that during this phase almost no food is eaten to focus all its time and energy to take care of the eggs.

We take part in an international study about the elephant’s welfare

We have taken part in the elaboration of an international study for the welfare of elephants, where we are going to analysed the diet of the four female’s Asian elephant, the body morphology of each specimen and the evolution of their weight in recent years.

We make tests to the capuchin monkey to prevent a hereditary disease

Our veterinary team has done a blood extraction to a capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) to check its coagulation index and determine if it suffers from a genetic disease. The zookeepers observed a few days ago that the specimen, named Golum, had some limp when walking so he couldn´t move normally in the installation. This behaviour has made the carers suspect that the animal may have inherited the same disease that his father, who died unexpectedly a few months ago.

Terra Natura Benidorm, first leisure park to sign an agreement with Renfe in the Valencian Community

The agreement has been signed during the celebration of FITUR and will allow the theme park be promoted as a tourist destination.

We examined the ocelot babies to know their sex and health

Ocelot babies are in perfect health. This has been confirmed by our team of experts after the first veterinary check-up of both babies that were born last November at the park. The check-up had not been carried out before to avoid a possible rejection of the mother towards the youngsters.



Os informamos de los nombres de los ganadores del sorteo de juguetes y entradas infantiles de las cartas entregadas a Papá Noel y a los Reyes Magos.

We achieved the reproduction of the most poisonous vertebrate on the planet

This is the first time the park manages to make the golden arrow frogs couple breed in our facilities

We make an emergency drill

We have just put into practice our self-protection protocol to know how employees should act in the event of an emergency situation. Within the training, a simulation has been carried out with the park closed to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

We anticipate Christmas by giving our animals special gifts


The Christmas programme will take place from December 6th to January 6th.

The magic of Christmas has reached Terra Natura Benidorm. We have created a special programme of entertainment activities for families, which will feature musical animations, puppets, craft workshops and storytelling.


We have managed to find out the sex of the poisonous lizards after more than four years waiting

Our team of experts has managed to determine the sex of the two poisonous lizards after more than four years waiting. The zoo keepers have had to wait for the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) and the scorpion lizard (Heloderma horridum) to reach sexual maturity at the age of four.

Union of lionesses with the male

The group of Asian lions (Panthera leo persica) of Terra Natura Benidorm has successfully overcome the period of union and adaptation, which started in June with the arrival of three new females to the zoo to create a group of this species along with the male, called Bala, who has lived in the zoo for 11 years.

Two ocelots are born

The Terra Natura Benidorm family of felines grows. Thanks to the conservation work carried out by the team of experts, they have managed to achieve a new reproduction between the ocelots (Leopardus pardalis).

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