We prepare to protect the animals before the arrival of cold weather

Our veterinary team is supplying vitamin C and heating systems have been activated for the most vulnerable species.

We extend with a pair of Surinam toad the exhibition of poisonous creatures.

We added to the exhibition of poisonous creatures a pair of Surinam toad (Pipa pipa), considered one of the strangest amphibians on the planet for its morphology and its reproduction. This species is also known in the Guaraní language of the indigenous people of the Amazon as cururú or frog of cells. The purpose of this couple's arrival is to contribute in the reproduction of this species in captivity and reinforce its conservation.

We participate in a genetic study of the Siam crocodile to help its conservation

We participated in a study to detect genetic signs in the Siam crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) and decided if individuals are genetically viable or hybrid in order to develop breeding and conservation programmes, both in situ and ex situ. This species is in critical danger of extinction, considered the most serious threat before being extinguished in freedom, which makes it the most threatened crocodile on the planet.

We reinvent Halloween with a night battle of fluorescent colours

The commitment to innovate has led us to reinvent the celebration of Halloween through the organization of a party in which 150 kilos of fluorescent powders will be launched. It is the first time in Spain that an event is organized in which this type of luminescent pigments that shine in the dark is used. The party, which has been called Holiween, will take place on Saturday, November 3rd, as a culmination to the activities of Halloween.

Celebrate Halloween at Terra Natura Benidorm

The Terraween family characters will surprise you with the best magic tricks.
Scary face painting.Enjoy the workshop 'Create your monster'
Discover the myths and legends of animals like snakes, bats, owls... 
Elephants and tigers feeding time, special Halloween. 

We added two eyeglass cobras and expanded our bank of antidotes

We added two new eyeglass cobras (Naja naja) from Lauscha (Germany) to our exhibition of poisonous creatures. The venom of this snake is highly dangerous, a gramme of poison from this type of cobra can kill a human. With the arrival of these specimens we have expanded our bank of antidotes, thus becoming the only zoo in Spain that has an antidote for this species.

We recall the legend of the bat that alerted Jaume I on the Day of the Valencian Community

Enjoy the Day of the Valencian Community with a special programme of traditional activities with folk dances and workshops.

The Secretary of Tourism recognizes with a badge the tourist quality of Terra Natura

This morning the Secretary of State for Tourism recognized Terra Natura Benidorm its commitment to quality as a tourist destination with the delivery of the SICTED badge. The Councilman of Festivals and Events of the City of Benidorm, José Manuel Fernández de Zárate, has been the responsible of giving this recognition to the General manager of Terra Natura Benidorm, Luis Perea, and the manager of Operations of the parks, Roberto Cogollos, during the celebration of the Tourism Awards 'City of Benidorm 2018', which took place in the hall of the Consistory coinciding with the commemoration of World Tourism Day.

We collaborate in the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 international project

We participate in the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 international project, promoted by the International Rhino Foundation. This in situ conservation action aims to ensure that the wild population of Indian rhinoceroses that inhabit the seven protected areas of Assam reach at least 3,000 individuals of the species in 2020. Our collaboration in this project is part of the activity which it carries out to preserve the conservation of species, both in situ in the place where it lives, and ex situ.

We welcome the birth of four pit vipers, one of the most threatened reptiles in America

We have gone a step further in the conservation of the pit viper (Agkistrodon taylori) with the birth of four new offspring of this species, considered one of the most threatened reptiles in America due to the destruction of its natural habitat. This is the first time that the experts of the park manage to reproduce this species in captivity in the Benidorm site.

The Terra Natura Benidorm family grows with the birth of a barking deer baby

The family of animals of Terra Natura Benidorm has grown thanks to the birth of a barking deer baby of Reeves (Muntiacus reevesi). With this arrival, there are now six specimens of the species that lives in the zoo. This species, belonging to the family of the deer’s, stands out for their peculiar sound when they are in danger which is similar to a bark.

This Saturday, September 8th, Aquatic Party in Aqua Natura


On Saturday, September 8th, do not miss the Aquatic Party in

Aqua Natura Benidorm

Bring your own float with the shape of an animal!

A cotton head marmoset is born at Terra Natura Benidorm, a species in critical danger of extinction

We are in luck. The young pair of cotton-headed marmosets has finally managed to breed, an indicator of the welfare of the species. These marmosets are critically endangered, the highest threat to an animal species before being considered extinct.

We successfully operate a golden lion head tamarin female from a tumour in her uterus

Our veterinary team has successfully operated on a female titi lion with golden head (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) of a tumour, which she had in her uterus. Marilyn, this is the name of this 11-year-old titi, she is now recovering satisfactorily and, in a few days, she will be transferred from the park clinic to her usual facility.

We get ready for the Holi Festival with 200 kilos of powder and 5,000 bottles of colours

Bollywood dances and the colours of India will cover Terra Natura Benidorm during the Holi Hindu festival, which will take place this Saturday, August 18th at 11.00 am. In this edition, more than 200 kilos of pigmented powders and more than 5,000 bottles with coloured water have been prepared to commemorate the 46th birthday of the Elephant Petita. This elephant was rejected by her herd to be considered ugly according to the canons of beauty established in their species and today symbolizes the improvement and friendship without barriers.

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