We received three Asian lionesses

We have received three Asian lionesses (Panthera leo persica) with the aim of creating a group with Bala, the Asian lion male that has lived in the zoo for 11 years. The transfer of these females is part of the species reproduction programme (EEP) of the EAZA (Association of European Zoos). This subspecies is in danger of extinction, on the IUCN red list.

On Saturday, August 18th we celebrate the Benidorm Holi Festival

Music, water and colour for the great festival of the Holi Festival

The popular Holi Party arrives on Saturday August 18th at Terra Natura Benidorm with a great battle of colours, which will commemorate the birthday of the elephant Petita. This year she will be 46.



We join the International Tiger Day to raise awareness about the conservation of this species

We join the celebration of the International Tiger Day with the objective of raising awareness among the people about the conservation problems that threaten the survival of this species, of which three subspecies are officially considered extinct, such as the Caspian tiger, from Bali and Java. We have developed a complete programme of educational activities for visitors and children of the summer school that took place last week.

The elephant Kaiso receives the visit of the dentist

This week we have received the visit of Sergio Soler, a veterinary specialist in dentistry who has made a revision to Kaiso, the inseparable friend of Petita, the Asian elephant. Elephants, like humans, require special care for their teeth, especially in advanced age.

Terra Natura and Aqua Natura Benidorm, Generation Z meeting point

In Terra Natura and Aqua Natura Benidorm, we have become a meeting point for Generation Z. Young people born between 1994 and 2010, who make social networks their way of expression, communication and search for information. The group of influencers 'Z' visited the parks yesterday from the hand of Visit Benidorm in a bid to promote Benidorm as a family destination among a generation that is characterized by a great capacity to influence decisions about family travel.

Terra Natura Benidorm, pioneer in the study of manure composting of rhinos and elephants

Terra Natura Benidorm has hosted for six months a study on the benefits of manure composting of rhinos and elephants. The project has been carried out by Carmen Alcaina Antolín, graduated in Environmental Sciences from the Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

Summer Party Aqua Natura

Summer Party Aqua Natura Benidorm!!! El sábado 21 de Julio no te pierdas la fiesta más refrescante del verano

con DJ´S con la mejor música de Los 40 Benidorm. Animación, sorteos y mucha fiesta. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Vivimos una eclosión de nacimientos con 18 nuevas crías de siete especies diferentes

Las praderas y el aviario deTerra Natura Benidorm rebosan más vida que nunca durante estos últimos días. El motivo ha sido la explosión de nacimientos que han vivido en sus instalaciones con la incorporación de 18 nuevas crías de siete especies diferentes.

We return to the Jurassic with the arrival of two T-rex dinosaurs two metres high

 A tribal batucada will welcome visitors in the Pangea area starting at 11:15 am, giving way to the appearance of the T-Rex that will leave the great volcano. At 1,30 pm, the interaction activity will start where the assistants will be able to feed the dinosaurs, bringing them closer to vegetable products. The figures that resemble this extinct species are manipulated by an actor and emit the characteristic roars of this species.


The high temperatures activate the reproductive instinct of reptiles

The arrival of summer in the province of Alicante has repercussions in the animal kingdom. One of the species which the high temperature has a greater incidence are the reptiles, more specifically the cerastes, known as the horned viper of the desert, a type of snake that lives in Terra Natura Benidorm and that has activated its reproductive instinct with the arrival of heat.

The behaviour of the elephants announces the arrival of summer

The arrival of the summer is imminent, and proof of this are the changes in the behaviour habits of our elephants; with the recent rise in temperatures, the four Asian elephants have begun to sleep in the outer meadows and are taking the first baths to cool off in the pond of their installation.

Adventure Island more fun at Aqua Natura Benidorm

Aqua Natura Benidorm has expanded its facilities dedicated to aquatic leisure with the construction of a new entertainment area, equipped with 1,400 square meters of extension.

Starts therapy with sea lions

The therapies assisted with sea lions have started with the new season of Aqua Natura Benidorm. The therapeutic project allows people with some type of disability or emotional problems to benefit from direct contact with these animals, favouring empathic attitudes and reinforcing the confidence of the users of this project.

Jurassic Weekend

Return to the Jurassic in family:

In June, travel to the Jurassic era: tyrannosaurus rex will come to meet you. Enjoy with your children an unforgettable adventure.


We incorporate an emerald boa to encourage its reproduction

We have received an emerald boa (Corallus caninus) with the objective of promoting the conservation of this species through its breeding and to raise awareness among the people about the dangers that threaten its survival. This species, in fact, is threatened due to the great sensitivity it has to weather changes and the constant deforestation suffered by the Amazon rainforest.

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