There is lots of nature and fun to be had in the Summer School

We are commencing the enrollment period for our Summer School which is designed for children from 3 up to 12 years old. The objective of our School is to facilitate a conciliation for the working family by providing an environmental awareness for the children and, at the same time, applying lots of fun, entertainment and activities. The Summer School will be operational from June 25th to September 7th, 2018.

We have in our Park the only existing family of Jaguars in the whole of Spain

Terra Natura Benidorm is the only zoological Park in Spain that hosts a complete family of jaguars. Panthera Onca. The in depth handling has become quite a milestone in that it is extremely difficult to achieve an entire family, parents and cubs, to live side by side within the same installation owing to the highly defensive territoriality of this specie.

We celebrate the weekend of the Earth

Este sábado y domingo, 21 y 22 de abril en Terra Natura Benidorm.
No te pierdas el Taller 'Abejas en acción', 'Hadas y dragones'...
¡Y participa en el Sorteo de una tablet!

We operate one of our giant turtles to extract the stones that were in the stomach

One of our giant turtles from Malaysia (Orlitia borneensis) is already back in her facility perfectly recovered after being operated to extract some stones she had ingested. Four turtles of this species live in the enclosure, which is in danger of extinction and is classified as a species threatened by IUCN.

We introduce a new group of collar lizards to promote their conservation

We have incorporated a new group of collar lizard offspring (Chlamydosaurus kingii) with the aim of promoting their conservation through the reproduction of this species, which is threatened and in danger of disappearing. The group will have a male and three females to try to achieve the reproduction of the species within two years, where they will reach their reproductive stage.

The Alicia and her characters fantasy story, stars in our Easter activities

The fantasy will be the protagonist of the activities that we have developed for this Holy Week. The characters of the story of Alice and the curious world where this children's story takes place will be the theme of the park during the days 30th and 31st of March. So, children who come during these days can live the celebration of "no birthday" while drinking tea with the character of Alice.

The animals of Terra Natura Benidorm that do exercise their paternity

Paternity is exercised depending the animal species. In the case of our animals, the parents who take most care of their offspring are marmosets, siamangs, dholes and martinets.

The donkeys also go to the dentist

We have received the visit of veterinarian Sergio Soler, specialist in equine dentistry, to perform the partial extraction of one of the molars of Nube, one of the six donkeys that form the equine group of our park, after detecting that one of the dental pieces had produced a fracture that generated pain to the animal. The donkey is a species that is currently threatened. In fact, the IUCN catalogue the situation of the wild donkey critically endangered.

We travel to Cordoba to join in the 30th Annual Congress of AIZA

A delegation of experts from Terra Natura Benidorm, headed by the general director, Luis Perea, has travelled to Cordoba to participate in the 30th Annual Congress of the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AIZA). From today till tomorrow the professionals of the park will be part of the groups of veterinary, conservation, education, aquariums and board of directors, which will address the latest developments in conservation, animal welfare, environmental education, etc.

Four birds of prey arrive to Terra Natura from the Recovery Centre of Seville

We received four raptors from the Recovery Centre of Seville. In particular, a crow (Corvus corax), a buzzard (Buteo buteo), a kite (Milvus milvus) and a common tawny owl (Strix aluco) and from now on, they will live with the others raptors. With this collaboration the park helps the Sevillian center to decongest its facilities and give shelter to these birds to continue with their rehabilitation in their new home.

Baby boom at Terra Natura

The mouflon of Terra Natura Benidorm has experienced a baby boom.
This species is living an authentic baby boom during these days, there are 7 newborns and it´s expected 10 more births.

We reinforced the conservation of the blue arrow frog with the birth of six tadpoles

The effort to enhance the conservation of species has materialized once again with the birth of six new tadpoles of blue arrow frogs (Dendrobates azureus). This is the first time that the park achieves captive reproduction of this species and visitors can see them in the exhibition of poisonous creatures located inside ​​the volcano.

We created a programme of Carnival activities based on the mimicry of the animals

To survive in nature, many animals develop their capacity to mimicry with the environment. To find out how these animals camouflage, Terra Natura Benidorm has made a programme of entertainment activities planned for Carnival focused in the different techniques of mimicry adopted by the animals, there will be talks and explanatory posters. The celebration of Carnival will be next Saturday, February 10th .

We promote the socialization of our animals with new activities of environmental enrichment

When empathy is channeled between human and animals, incredible initiatives takes place by our zookeepers. They have used the close bond they have with the animals of Terra Natura Benidorm and the exhaustive knowledge they have of each animal to create new environmental enrichment activities focused on improving the welfare of each species and its degree of socialization.

We join the celebration of the International Day of Environmental Education

We join the International Day of Environmental Education, which is celebrated today. We have made some activities aimed at spreading environmental knowledge and good practices to improve the protection and conservation of the environment. 

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