El grupo de gibones se consolida con el nacimiento de una tercera cría

El grupo de gibones de manos blancas (Hylobates lar) de Terra Natura Benidorm se ha consolidado con el nacimiento de una nueva cría, que no se separa de su madre ni un solo instante. Mientras que su madre Amy se esfuerza en soltarla de su pecho para descansar un poco, el pequeño primate no pierde oportunidad para amarrarse a sus pechos y mamar sin separarse de ella durante el día.

Terra Natura Benidorm presents a new educational programme for children in school

Terra Natura Benidorm presents a new educational programme.

The new proposal will be a useful learning tool for teachers.

Terra Natura Benidorm has designed a new programme of educational activities for schoolchild in the province of Alicante. The didactic and entertainment project includes ten new thematic proposals that will be developed in educational classrooms and in different areas of the park. The objective is to make students learn outdoor.

Aqua Natura Benidorm says goodbye to the summer with the III Contest of Miss mermaid celebration

It is an event with a playful character where it is intended to be awareness between the little ones about caring and preserving the marine environment.

Terra Natura Benidorm increases the diversity of its aviary with a motmot and a toucan of Swainson

The Terra Natura Benidorm family keeps growing. On this occasion with two new birds, the motmot (Momotus momota) and the Swainson toucan (Ramphastos swainsonii), both birds will live in the aviary with the other 300 birds where 13 of them are threatened.

We achieve the birth of 15 young three-horned chameleon

For the first time, we´ve been able to see the birth of 15 offspring of three-horned chameleon, also called Jackson Chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii), at their facilities.

Superamos nuestro récord de participación con cerca de 4.000 asistentes en el Benidorm Holi Festival

La elefanta asiática Petita ya tiene un año más. Esta vez ha celebrado nada menos que su 45º cumpleaños. El parque de naturaleza y animales Terra Natura Benidorm ha conmemorado la fecha señalada batiendo el record de participación de las anteriores ediciones del encuentro. En esta ocasión, cerca de 4.000 asistentes se han dado cita en el complejo esta mañana para participar en la gran batalla de colores del Benidorm Holi Festival, en la que se han lanzado más de 150 kilos de polvos pigmentados.

We promote therapy with sea lions

Terra Natura Benidorm develops a new activity with sea lions that consists of the interaction assisted for therapeutic purposes for people who have some type of disability or special needs. The sessions are carried out in a personalized way in the aquarium area of ​​Aqua Natura, where the activity takes places in an exclusive way with the child and his / her relatives sharing the therapeutic experience, becoming an alternative to conventional treatments.

The family of arrow poison frogs grows with five new specimens

The animals and nature park, Terra Natura Benidorm, continues to grow with the birth of five frogs. These are poison arrow frogs (Dendrobates leucomelas), a species of toxic frog native to South America, considered one of the most dangerous frogs in the world.

Special price for unemployed people

The unemployed people have from this summer a discount of 50% off on the official ticket price of the entrance, to make easy their access to the park.

Music and DJs, hosting the summer party in Aqua Natura Benidorm

This Saturday, July 22th, summer party in Aqua Natura Benidorm¡

There is a programme full of activities for the whole family. From children's shows to DJ's performances, live concert with more than 60 musicians... these are just some of the activities that will take place.

We achieved for the first time the captive reproduction of a green python

The Terra Natura Benidorm family of animals grows. On this occasion, we celebrate the birth of 9 babies of green tree python, a species with difficulties to reproduce in captivity. This snake presents a hard incubation process where it needs specific environmental conditions, so because of this, no reproductive process has been successfully completed.

Aqua Natura Benidorm, awarded with the Travellers choice 2017 edition that gives Tripadvisor.

Aqua Natura Benidorm has been considered as the 9th best water park in Spain according to the ranking that has recently published the TripAdvisor reviews website. This popular web has awarded the water park in the latest edition of Travellers' Choice 2017, which it gives every year according to the opinions that the users leave.

The family of birds grows with the arrival of two new American species

The family of birds of Terra Natura Benidorm has just increased. This time, the aviary has received the arrival of two new species of birds of the American continent. These are two pairs, one of magpie de San Blas (Cyanocorax sanblasianus) and another of the Tero birds (Vanellus chilensis). with these new species, we enrich the aviary of the park with a greater collection and diversity of birds.

Dinosaurs conquer Terra Natura Benidorm to recreate the Jurassic period

Dinosaurs will conquer Terra Natura Benidorm. During the days 24th and 25th of June we are going to recreate the Jurassic period with the realization of activities that have been designed especially for this occasion. Among them, stands out the presence of two animated t-rex dinosaurs.

We activate the protocol so that the heat wave does not affect the animals

The heat wave has also arrived to Terra Natura Benidorm. The veterinary team has activated this morning the protocol to fight the high temperatures that are unusual in the month of June and can affect certain species of the park.

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