Terra Natura Benidorm increases the diversity of its aviary with a motmot and a toucan of Swainson

31 de agosto de 2017 Noticias

The Terra Natura Benidorm family keeps growing. On this occasion with two new birds, the motmot (Momotus momota) and the Swainson toucan (Ramphastos swainsonii), both birds will live in the aviary with the other 300 birds where 13 of them are threatened.

The zookeepers have incorporated these species with the objective of increasing the richness and biological diversity of the zoo, as well as providing a greater vitality and color to the aviary. Both birds come from the zoo in Basel (Switzerland). Before arriving to Benidorm, they had a veterinary examination to confirm their good health, the two birds have been during 40 days in quarantine. After confirming their good adaptation to the environment, they have been transferred to the aviary.

This is the first time the zoo has a motmot. The populations of motmot are abundant in their range and this species is the only one able to reproduce in captivity. The specimen that has arrived is a male of five years old and measures around 40 centimetres, weighing about 100 grams. The plumage of this bird is characterized by having a black crown that is surrounded by a blue color band and different shades of green that appear in the feathers of the tail and the wings. A distinctive sign of this species are the feathers of its tail, which look like rackets. When they move it, it reminds a pendulum clock, that is why the common name of 'pendulum birds' by which they are known.

Swainson's toucan is not especially threatened, although its populations are in danger due to industrialization and destruction of their habitat. It is considered one of the bigest toucans in the world. The specimen that has arrived to Terra Natura Benidorm is a male and measures 60 centimeters and its beak reaches 20 centimetres in length. Its plumage stands out for being very colorful and bright. As a curiosity, they are able to perform vocalizations, getting to emit strident sounds that repeat at short intervals. Being appreciated as pets has caused an increase in illegal traffic of these birds, which has a negative impact on their conservation.

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