We examined the ocelot babies to know their sex and health

11 de enero de 2019 Noticias

Ocelot babies are in perfect health. This has been confirmed by our team of experts after the first veterinary check-up of both babies that were born last November at the park. The check-up had not been carried out before to avoid a possible rejection of the mother towards the youngsters.

Two months have passed since the birth of the ocelots and the bond between the mother, Selha, and their babies is very close, so it is unlikely that the female will reject them. The check-up has consisted in a complete physical examination of eyes, mouth and teeth, hair and also to weigh them and determined the sex of both.

Through this exploration it has been determined that the offspring are a male and a female, and they weigh around 1,940 grams, indicator of normal development. Despite their small size, both specimens are active and brave, which according to the experts is a sign of good health.

Within the exploration, which has been supervised by the staff of SOIVRE (Official Inspection, Surveillance and Foreign Trade Regulation Service), an identification chip has been placed under the skin of each ocelot. With this chip, the animal's data are recorded on an official basis and, in addition, illegal trade in the species is avoided. Through this device and the number that has been associated to identify the animal, you can consult the veterinary history, as well as establish genealogies among individuals to encourage the reproduction of endangered species.

Once the first veterinary check-up has been completed, the babies have returned with their mother under the observation of the carers, who have checked that Selha accepted them as normal. The species has been on the verge of extinction a few years ago, and now it is in a vulnerable state.

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