We received a group of 13 birds confiscated by state security forces

04 de abril de 2019 Noticias

In Terra Natura Benidorm we have taken in a group of 13 birds recovered by state security forces in confiscation operations due to trafficking or illegal possession of species. The transfer of these specimens, which have arrived in custody to the zoo, has been carried out through the Foundation for the Investigation of Ethology and Biodiversity (FIEB), located in Toledo.

In this case, we have received four senile parrots (Pionus senilis) and nine rainbow lorises (Trichoglossus haematodus) with the aim of providing a new environment for these animals endowed with the necessary conditions to guarantee an optimum degree of well-being. In this way, they will increase the family of parrots in the park, generating greater diversity in the area of ​​the aviary and in the area of ​​Asia, where they will live from now on.

Both species are not particularly at risk of conservation, although their populations have declined in recent years. The most important threats to which they are subjected are the destruction of their habitat and the illegal trafficking of species. In the case of loris, they are usually the object of illicit trade due to their demand as pets. To avoid bad practices, trade in this species is regulated by the CITES agreement.

The senile parrots are American parrots that have a greenish plumage and a white crown. In the wild they make numerous groups that can reach up to 50 . With an average size, it is common for them to live in wooded areas or close to these enclaves in Central America.

On the other hand, the rainbow lories with a smaller size than the senile parrots, stand out for their striking plumage colouring. This species lives in wooded areas, coastal scrub and forests with a high rate of rainfall in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The specialists of Terra Natura Benidorm incise on the impact of the serious effects generated by the illegal trafficking of species in conservation, the impact on animal populations and the need to raise awareness among the population about the responsible acquisition of pets. The United Nations estimates that 1.5 million birds are traded illegally each year.

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