The snakes of Terra Natura Benidorm surprise their keepers by synchronising the change of their skin

12 de abril de 2019 Noticias


Never before has happen in the same moment in these animals. The snakes that live inside the volcano at Terra Natura Benidorm have synchronises the process of shedding their skin, a phase that indicates that they are ready for reproduction. With the arrival of spring and the slight rise in temperatures, more than eight different species of reptiles have started at the same time to shed their skin.

The frequency and timing of shedding the skin varies according to each species, but in this case, it has coincided at the same moment, something that has left the keepers very surprised. In this way, they have start to change their skin species such as the black mamba - considered one of the most poisonous on the planet - the horned viper, the American rattlesnake, the viper four noses, the horned desert viper, the eyelash viper, the mossy viper and the rattlesnake.

The scientific name that receives the shedding process is called ecdysis. It is a sign of well-being in these animals that allows them to get rid of possible parasites and keep their skin in optimal condition. When the breeding season approaches, this mechanism allows the females to release hormones that attract the males. During this period, some snakes eat part of the skin left to provide them with proteins.

When snakes are young, they shed their skin more frequently than when they are adults. In the adult stage they only change their skin between one and three times per season. The snakes of Terra Natura Benidorm have awakened from their hibernation and have agreed to make their changes to eat the first meals of this new season.

Unlike the lizards that usually change the skin to pieces, the snakes make the change at once. The shedding process starts from the mouth; they usually rub against a rock or something hard to cause a fissure in the skin. As a curiosity, in the case of rattlesnakes, every time they shed their skin, a ring is added to their tail, so you can know how many times they have changed their skin throughout their life.



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