Aqua Natura becomes a model as an inclusive park for the blind people

17 de abril de 2019 Noticias


Aqua Natura has become an example as an inclusive park model for people with visual disabilities through a German television programme, which has been filmed during these days in its facilities. The water park has an activity with sea lions that consists of assisted interaction for therapeutic purposes for people who have some type of disability or special needs.

On this occasion, a German blind child living in Denia has starred in this interaction activity to visualize the challenges that a person with visual disabilities must face in their days and how animals can help positively to well-being of people with specific needs. The recording will be broadcast on the international television Disney Channel Germany in the Die Beni Challenge programme.

Philipp, that's the name of the boy who is 18 years old, was born premature with a weight of 790 grams. As a result of the prematurely birth, he suffered a retinal detachment in both eyes. So far, Philipp has had to deal with 10 operations.


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