We join the celebration of the Biodiversity International Day

22 de mayo de 2019 Noticias

We have ready a programme of activities for the weekend focused on environmental education and the conservation of species.

We join the celebration of the Biodiversity International Day with a programme full of activities that will take place on the weekend. The target is to raise awareness among families about the need to conserve the planet's biodiversity. Currently there are more than 5,000 species of animals that are in danger of extinction. Among them around 11% are birds, 20% are reptiles, 34% are fish and 25% are amphibians and mammals.

The objectives of this weekend's activities are to raise awareness of biodiversity and motivate families towards respect for all forms of life. To this end, environmental enrichment workshops will be held in which all members of the family can join in, making toys and food for the animals supervised by the zoo keepers, as well as workshops making animal tracks and identification of "bugs “with loupes, among others.

Among these activities, stands out the organization of a canine parade in collaboration with the animal shelter of Benidorm and Altea, to promote the adoption of dogs and other abandoned animals. These associations have been dedicated for many years to take care of the most disadvantaged pet animals. Terra Natura has donated 250 kilos of cat and dog food. The parade will take place on Saturday, May 25th at 11.30 a.m. in Pangea, by the entrance.

In addition to these actions, other leisure activities will take place like the fairies and elves veterinarian school where children will learn to take care of animals and we will also have bouncing castle for the little ones in the house. To promote recycling in homes in a playful way there will be an animation called “Reci-clown”

Families can win a guided tour inside the animals facilities if they join in the Facebook photo competition created to commemorate this day, where the zoo keepers will show in first-hand the work they do and you will be very close to animals that They are in danger of extinction like rhinos, elephants or other specimens such as siamangs, sea lions, raptors, etc.


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