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Special Visits

For access to the grounds of Terra Natura, please send your requests to 

We will be pleased to address your needs in order to work out solutions to any obstacle.

Diversidad funcional:

Terra Natura and Aqua Natura Benidorm are accessible parks. We are committed to eliminating architectural barriers to leisure activities and information. We facilitate the independence of persons with functional disabilities who come to enjoy our many leisure and educational exhibits and events. 

All entrances, toilets and walkways in the park have gentle slopes and firm pavements to guarantee accessibility to people with physical diversity. We also provide wheelchairs and scooters. 

Conscious of the specific difficulties that each individual might have, we put ourselves completely at your disposition on both a personal and institutional level to make your visit pleasant and possible. 

Service dogs: 

Persons with funcional diversity have “the right to access, circulate and remain (…) with the assistance of a service dog which is permanently at the side of its user. This applies to swimming pools up to the water, (…) and in the zoo areas, with the exception of the swimming pool water and the aquatic park.”

Service dogs are those who have been trained by specialized and officially recognized centres, for the purpose of accompanying, leading, helping and supporting persons with disabilities. 

Of course, it is completely forbidden to bring pets into Terra Natura and Aqua Natura Benidorm.


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