Infants and toddlers

Mermaid School

The mermaid school at Aqua Natura is a special, even magical place where boys and girls can turn into mermaids or tritons. It’s different, unforgettable. The monitors are specialized in synchronized and artistic swimming, and teach the children how to swim with a mermaid monofin. But that is not the best part…! 

In order to become an authentic mermaid or triton Guardian of the Seas and Oceans, first you´ll put on special makeup and costume! If you like, our photographers can make you a special photo album that you can share with friends and family. And at the end you will receive a diploma that certifies you have completed the experience. 

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The Little Turtles Pool

At Aqua Natura Benidorm we have given thought to families with small children. The Little Turtles Pool is a splash pool for infants and toddlers ages 0 to 4 (recommended), where they can cool off in an enclosed area. The play area is specially designed so you can both enjoy and rest within. It is located next to the game zone and very close to the restaurants and changing rooms. Our maxim is that all members of the family have an enjoyable day, regardless of age. 

What’s more, at Aqua Natura we have an area for babies, with changing rooms and quiet shady green areas in which to enjoy your time with the little prince or princess of the house. 

The food areas have microwave ovens where you can heat your child’s food. 

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