Saturday, August 24th, we celebrate the HOLI FESTIVAL

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The 47th birthday celebration of Petita, the elephant of Terra Natura Benidorm, this year will be special. The great battle of colours that is organized to commemorate the birthday of this Asian elephant will be more spectacular than ever. In its sixth edition, the Holi Hindu Festival of the nature park will include for the first time the use of cannons with pressure-coloured powders that will add to the more than 300 kilos of pigmented powders and more than 5,000 bottles of coloured water that have been prepared for the occasion. The meeting will take place next Saturday, August 24th at 11.00 am.

The development of this event, unique in the Valencian Community, has as its origin the history of Petita, one of the elephants that lives in Terra Natura Benidorm. When this female arrived to the park, she was rejected by her herd because she was considered ugly as she didn´t have the beauty standards of her species. The thinness she presented in front of the rest of the females made her unattractive to those of her species. Thanks to another elephant, her inseparable Kaiso, that rejection was overcome untils he eventually joined the herd.

In this edition of the Hindu festival, which emphasizes the friendship of these animals, about 20 cannons loaded with six kilos of powders coloured with red, yellow, pink, orange, purple, green and blue tones will be launched. These cannons reach up to a distance of eight metres, which will create a spectacular effect for the battle of colours.

The event will start at 11 am at the entrance of the park, there a group of Hindu dancers will receive visitors and the traditional bindi or tidak will be put. This red dot in Hinduism is located on the forehead of women and men in the area of ​​the sixth chakra to symbolize wisdom. The dancers along with visitors will go to the amphitheatre where the birds of prey demonstration will be held.

The end of this exhibition will give way to the offering of fruits and vegetables that will be offered to Petita and Kaiso, both elephants will have part of their bodies painted with the typical ornaments that the Hindus make in the holi festivals to these animals. After the tasting, the song “Happy Birthday” will be sung to Petita and visitors will move to the town of Napastepur, where the battle of colours will take place.

Fun will continue in Aqua Natura Benidorm water park, where a colourful foam party and Hindu musical atmosphere with parades will be launched.

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