Terra Natura Benidorm veterinarians starts ophthalmological examinations in wallabies, capuchin monkeys and Asian lions

hace 3 weeks

The team of veterinarians and zoo keepers of Terra Natura Benidorm has started ophthalmological reviews to wallabies, capuchin monkeys, Asian lions and llamas to check they are in good condition. So far, four animals in total have been tested for eye control.

The ocular revision consists in checking the eyeball, eyelids, conjunctiva, tear, cornea, iris and crystalline. Through this exploration, the experts can determine if there is any infection, trauma, tumour or neurological issues among other pathologies to be treated in animals.

The management of the animal’s eye health is very complicated, which is why these types of reviews are carried out as a preventive treatment. In this way, the risk of having complications due to the appearance of an ocular pathology is reduced. In 80% of cases, eye problems can be corrected with simple veterinary practices thanks to the quick intervention of the conservation teams.


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