Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates a lazy Lori to the area of the volcano

hace 6 months

The area of ​​the volcano at Terra Natura Benidorm has a new resident. It´s been moved a lazy lory (Nycticebus pygmaeus) to this area, where the permanent exhibition of poisonous animals is located because this mammal expels poison through glands. The species, whose state of conservation in nature is vulnerable, has basically nocturnal habits and therefore a facility adapted to its biorhythms has been prepared in a way that guarantees its well-being.
The new facility is equipped with three cubic metres of capacity, a heating system and a sounding line that controls the environmental parameters. In addition, it has branches and trunks so the animal can climb and a shelter so he can stay inside. The substrate of the facility is composed of coconut fibre, material that absorbs and keeps in perfect conditions the humidity necessary for this animal.
This male weigh around 600 grams and measures just over 20 centimetres. Being omnivorous animals require a varied and complete diet of fruits and vegetables, but also insects and meat. Zoo keepers also gives them acacia juice, cereal porridge or Arabic gum.
In their legs they have small spurs with poisonous glands to defend themselves from their predators, so this requires that the zoo keepers have to be very careful in the management tasks with this animal.
The direct action of the human being is destroying the Asian forests where he lives. It is an endangered species that in some cases like the lazy lory (Nycticebus pygmaeus) is in critical condition. The false belief that its use has healing and aphrodisiac properties is affecting its conservation. In some indigenous populations they are legends, known has the ‘guardians of heaven’.
Currently, Terra Natura Benidorm has a couple of two males of the species. The other one is still in adaptation period.  They have a vision that adapts perfectly to the darkness.



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