Terra Natura Benidorm joins the leisure and nature offer of the Family Tourism stamp

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The Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) has given the Family Tourism stamp to Terra Natura Benidorm. The Family Tourism Stamp has been delivered to the park’s facilities in Benidorm during an event that has been attended by the president of the FEFN, Benito Zuazu, and the general director of Terra Natura Benidorm, Luis Perea.

The president of the FEFN wanted to emphasize that “with the delivery of the Family Tourism Stamp to Terra Natura Benidorm it is guaranteed that the families that come to the parks have the security of visiting a specially prepared environment where they can fully enjoy their visit, with spaces and activities adapted to them ”. He also wanted to remember that the park’s own concept, “an immersion zoo in which you can get to know animals closely through invisible barriers, makes children learn in a totally experiential way how are these animals, and the habitat in which they grow.”

Luis Perea, the general director of the park, recalled that “our park has a complete range of leisure and nature that has been specially designed, created and focussed for the family audience.” “The families that come to Terra Natura Benidorm live a unique and unforgettable experience, where the visitor makes a journey through numerous recreational activities that bring them closer to the knowledge of nature and the problems facing the biodiversity of the planet and its conservation,” added Perea.

Terra Natura Benidorm is a nature and animal park dedicated to family leisure that also has 50 endangered species. In the park we work for the welfare of animals and their conservation. Its surface is divided into four areas set on the continents of America, Asia and Europe, and the Pangea area, inspired by the origin of the Earth. The tour through the park makes visitors immerse themselves in the concept of zoo immersion and otherness, while enjoying a wide range of entertainment activities for visitors of all ages.

About 200 guaranteed

Until now, about 200 tourist entities have received the Stamp endorsement, from cities to hotels, through museums, cottages, establishments dedicated to leisure and nature tourism, cruises, travel agencies or destinations. The FEFN, in collaboration with the consultancy DNA Expertus Turismo y Ocio, locates and promotes companies, entities, activities or tourist destinations that are oriented to family once it has been verified that they have the requirements to be considered Family Tourism.

In October 2018, the FEFN renewed the agreement signed with the Ministry of Tourism for which, among other things, the Stamp was recognized as a Family Tourism Product Club, becoming the most numerous Product Club in history of Spanish tourism.


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