We celebrate Tiger Day to raise awareness about the conservation of this species

hace 2 months

Terra Natura Benidorm has joined the celebration of Tiger Day to raise awareness about the problems that affect the conservation of this species. To commemorate this date, we have made different activities aimed at children during this week.

Specifically, the students of the Summer School between the ages 4- 14 years old, have joined in an environmental enrichment action created for tigers. Children have done cardboard tubes smeared with honey and different spices such as star anise, ground cumin and turmeric, and olfactory traces of lion, which have been hidden by the zoo keepers at strategic points of the facilities of these big cats to try to discover them and be entertained with the search.

In addition to these activities, there has also been a paint shop with the tiger as the main theme, a felt puppet workshop and another creation of keychains shaped like tigers, made with plastic materials such as eva rubber. To complete the programme, a writing and drawing contest has been developed in which a series of awards and diplomas have been delivered among the participants.

Currently, Terra Natura Benidorm has a couple of tigers (Panthera tigris) and their 3 males cubs. These animals are especially concentrated in the Asian continent in India, a country where it is estimated that more than 2,000 specimens live. According to the IUCN red list, it is in danger of extinction and only 3,900 specimens remain in the wild in the entire planet.


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