We present our experience in the treatment of Asian elephants at the AIZA congress

hace 6 months

Our veterinary team has explained their experience in the treatment of Asian elephants in the annual conference of AIZA where more than 150 specialists of zoos and aquariums of Spain and Portugal meet until Saturday in the city of Santander.
Mario Torró has been the veterinarian who has explained the treatment followed in the Asian elephants of the park to help with an obstructive colic and the steps taken to preserve the welfare of these animals. Through these reports, the experience in the treatment of these animals is disseminated among the scientific community, thus contributing to the advancement of veterinary medicine.
A delegation of the park formed by six people participates during these days in various work groups of specific areas such as veterinary, conservation, education and marketing. In addition, the director of Terra Natura Benidorm, Luis Perea, will attend various meetings as a member of the Board of Directors of AIZA. The park is part of AIZA since 2004.
The members of the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums are regulated by standards that promote animal welfare, conservation, education and social awareness, as well as scientific research and dissemination which are inspired by the requirements established by the EAZA and the WAZA. Likewise, participation in reproductive and reintroduction programmes of endangered species is coordinated.
Since Terra Natura Benidorm opened, a decade ago, it has collaborated in different projects that have allowed to contribute new scientific and educational knowledge that have a result in a positive way in the welfare of the species and its conservation.



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