Aqua Natura has a qualified team of lifeguards who are there not only for your safety but also to answer any queries you might have.

First Aid:

Aqua Natura offers a first aid service to deal with any medical emergencies.

Changing Rooms


Baby Changing Facilities




Customer Service Office:

Our customer service office is located by the Aqua Natura ticket office, where you can get answers to any queries you might have. You can also use this office to report any lost property in the park.

If your child is missing, you should also come to the customer service office to inform us and begin the search.


Visitors with special requirements


Aqua Natura has reserved parking and dedicated seating for shows and exhibitions.


While the park has been specially designed for users with reduced mobility, bear in mind that there are steep slopes in some areas. We therefore recommend that people with limited mobility come with someone who can give them assistance.


Please note: For information about access for service animals, please call 966072770 24 hours in advance


We have water wheelchairs available for people with physical availabilities, which are available free of charge during your visit to Aqua Natura.




Baby buggies, single or double, flotation rings

Slogans: 5€ (+1€ deposit)

Sun loungers: 4€
Rubber rings: 5€ (+1€ de deposit)
For use in the pool ZORBA BEACH (there are free rubber rings available on the water slide). For any rentals a €1 deposit is required which can be redeemed once the rented item is returned.
Electric scooters and wheelchairs

We also have electric scooters available for €33 with a €10 deposit and wheelchairs which are available to hire for free (while supplies last) with a €10 deposit.

All these services can be arranged at our Customer Service Office.


Collection service for purchases made in our shops.



There are no facilities for looking after pets as they are not permitted in the park.


€5 per car per day


You are allowed to bring your own food into Aqua Natura. There are picnic areas available especially for this purpose.

There are roughly 100 staff working at Aqua Natura. The bulk of these are the customer service staff in our shops and restaurants, in addition to the lifeguards. We also have chefs, aquarium keepers, and gardening and cleaning staff.


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