Animal nutrition

As well as the veterinary care we provide for the animals, it is also extremely important to monitor their food intake.

A properly designed diet is essential, not only to cover the nutritional needs of the different species but also to allow the animal to develop natural behavioural patterns. That’s why we try to make their diets as varied as possible, always using the highest quality ingredients.

The constant exchange of scientific information between the veterinarian collectives in the Spanish and European associations (for zoos and aquariums) helps us to share advances and knowledge, with the ultimate goal of achieving the optimum level of nutrition for each animal species.

A team dedicated exclusively to taking delivery of the food, preparing the meals and distributing food around the park starts work each day at 6.00 am, to ensure that everything is ready and waiting when the animal keepers start their daily routine. The animals’ diets are designed by the park’s veterinarians, prepared by the kitchen team, and administered by the keepers. The keepers present the food to the animals in different ways every day, for example hiding it, so that the animals are kept entertained as well as fed.


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