The design and execution of the Terra Natura complex, and specifically the animals’ enclosures, recreate and embody a series of natural and cultural environments from three very different parts of the planet:

  • Mediterranean Europe, with its fauna and a typical Greek village.
  • India and South-East Asia, with a small Indian settlement.
  • Central America, with a typical village from the Guatemalan sierras .

Added to this are a series of theming elements typical of each individual area, generated from observations made on familiarization trips to the countries of origin.

The final appearance of our themed zones is achieved thanks to vegetation, which to a large extent is typical of the original regions but can also be guaranteed to grow in this particular geographical location. This whole recreation of villages, landscaped areas, animal enclosures and grasslands where the animals roam free creates a sensation of travelling the world while moving along the different routes.



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