The team of professionals at Terra Natura Natura is made up of a technical department (manager, conservationist and veterinarians) and an operational department (area coordinators, wild animal keepers and service staff e.g. kitchens and storage, etc.)

Zoo Director: ddirects and supervises every aspect of the animals’ handling and care, organizing and delegating tasks to the team working under him.

Conservationist: responsible for ensuring the animals’ enclosures are suitable, acquiring the animals in conservation programmes, dealing with documentation and registering the animals.

Veterinarians: the chief veterinarian is responsible for the clinic and supervising animal health and nutrition, supported by the assistant veterinarian. Their dedication to caring for our animals is a constant vocation.

Area coordinators for mammals, birds and elephants: these are three key members of staff in the management of daily work in the animals’ shelters; their functions include establishing and implementing daily tasks in the stable block building. They establish the procedures for handling the animals and plan and organize the work of the rest of the team. In the case of the elephants and rhinos, they direct the training sessions on low-protection contact and teach and supervise their teams. They establish safety procedures and are also responsible for health and safety matters. They can suggest changes to routines or specific handling techniques, providing reports justifying any such changes to the Zoo Director and the conservation and veterinary departments.

Deputy coordinator : able to direct the working team when the coordinator is not present. They also have the authority to make changes to working routines in the event of unwelcome unexpected incidents

Senior keepers: (Specialists) because of their greater experience and knowledge, apart from their usual routine care and handling tasks they are also authorised to undertake certain tasks that involve a higher level of assessment and decision-making.

Junior keepers: : (Operators;) staff with little or no prior experience in handling wild animals who are given induction training in animal handling and care. They are responsible for routine daily tasks: opening and closing gates, cleaning, preparing and distributing food and maintenance of working equipment..

We should not forget that plant life is intimately linked to the animal world and to maintain our vegetation and encourage healthy growth we have a team of gardeners led by an expert landscape gardener. With every passing season we’re able to watch how a collection of plants that started from nothing is growing, taking shape and creating a landscape in the park.


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