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Mutltiadventure Zone

The complex’s new entertainment area is named ‘Selva de Langur’ (Langur Jungle) and will be the first site with these unique characteristics in any zoo in Spain. . 

The project was created using an innovative educational concept, focusing on learning through observation and imitation of how animals move and behave. This means that visitors who try out the activities in this area can simulate and feel sensations similar to how siamangs feel when they swing from tree to tree or move about the jungle.

The ‘Selva de Langur’ is located in the monsoon grasslands of Asia, surrounded by enclosures inhabited by siamangs, tigers, rhinos, lions and other park animals. The space is aimed at all ages and includes various activities with varying levels of difficulty - hanging bridges leading to different levels of zip-lines, monkey bridges, swinging bridges, tunnels and other activities. And the most daring visitors can experience the sensation of taking a real leap.

Kid’s Park


Enjoy our new play zone with your friends! There are slides, swings...




Watch out, wild animals may approach you... to take a picture together! From March to October.


Feed the animals


You’ll love the experience of watching hungry wild animals feeding on their prey

Meet the animals


Meet a variety of creatures and their trainers through up close and personal talks throughout the park. And keep your eyes peeled, because you never know when a wild animal might go for a surprise stroll (or fly right by you).




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