Introducimos por primera vez un grupo de cinco wallabies en nuestras instalaciones

Terra Natura Benidorm ha introducido, por primera vez, en sus instalaciones a un grupo que está constituido por cinco ejemplares de wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus). Estos marsupiales proceden del Pont Scorff Zoo de Francia y han sido trasladados desde allí con el objetivo de enriquecer el hábitat de las praderas, donde hasta ahora convivían solo los emúes (Dromaius novaenglidae). Estos marsupiales tienen edades comprendidas entre los 4 y los 10 años.

Our meadow hosts the birth of four dholes

The Terra Natura Benidorm meadow have hosted the birth of four dholes (Cuon alpinus). The birth took place in the lair that the parents did so the female could give birth there. As the zoo keepers have observed that the behavior of the rest of the herd was normal before the arrival of these pups, they didn´t intervene in the breeding process, so they haven´t been able to verify the weight or sex of the puppies.

We build insects houses to encourage biodiversity in their environment

Terra Natura Benidorm has created insects houses to put them in different points of the park to encourage local biodiversity and to be awareness about the need to protect ecosystems. The elaborated boxes are in spaces dedicated to the free growth of native fauna and flora. The action is part of a workshop for children that has been organized to celebrate the International Day of Biodiversity which was today.

Children will learn about nature at Terra Natura Benidorm Summer School

Terra Natura Benidorm has just opened the period to enroll in the Summer School for children between 3 and 12 years old. The summer school will be open from the 26th of June to the 1st of September and its main objective is to promote the reconciliation of families with the children's holiday period, as well as to promote awareness of the environment.

Aqua Natura Benidorm starts a new season with more than 1,000 meters of slides

The aquatic entertainment designed for families will be a reality in the more than 1,000 meters of slides that owns the Aqua Natura Benidorm water park and that has just opened its doors one more season. The water park will remain open until 31 October. Visitors will enjoy many areas with slides and activities like the new educational demonstrations with the new family of Californian sea lions.

We move two young tigers for reproductive purposes to Cabarceno

Terra Natura Benidorm are moving the two tiger cubs, called Neu and Pluja, in order to constitute a breeding group of this species in the nature park of Cabárceno, located in Cantabria. The action will take place after the tigers have reached three months of age and weaning has taken place to avoid health risks during the transport process. This Saturday, April 29th, visitors of Terra Natura will be able to see Neu and Pluja for the last time, before their departure.

An albino amphibian arrives to Terra Natura that remains eternally young

Terra Natura Benidorm has incorporated into its biological collection four specimens of albino axolotl (ambystoma mexicanum), a species that keeps its young appearance from birth until the end of its life. Its high capacity for regeneration has made it objective of study of some scientific research, as the study of its genomics can help advance tissue engineering to create organs in vitro and treat different types of cancer.

This Easter passion arrives in heat season among the animals in Terra Natura Benidorm

The visitors who come to the park will see different mating rituals between the animals and as well, enjoy special activities.

Businesswomen from Alicante AEPA celebrates their annual meeting in Terra Natura Benidorm

Businesswomen, directors and professionals from the province of Alicante have met this weekend in Terra Natura Benidorm for the annual general assembly of AEPA occasion. The park has hosted this meeting from all private business sectors and public Administration.

Terra Natura Benidorm welcome a female Siam crocodile to reach the reproduction

The endangered species reproduce program of Terra Natura Benidorm has started the process of breeding crocodile pups of Siam (Crocodylus siamensis). This month a female of this species has arrived to the park with the objective to achieved the reproduction in captivity because of the danger of extinction in its natural habitat.

Terra Natura family grow with new births in the last two weeks!

Spring arrives at the park with new mouflon, flying foxes, llamas, bats and chitales.

Father's Day celebration

This Sunday, March 19th, we celebrate Father's Day at Terra Natura Benidorm. We invite the child's father who pay his entrance (retail price). Happy Hour at Dimitris restaurant (Greece): 2x1 in beer or soft drink from 12 pm till 1 pm and later, from 4 pm till 5 pm special Zoo Experience, dedicated to the dads, and Children's gift workshop for Dad.

We collaborate in an international project to analyze the morphology and feeding of elephants

Terra Natura Benidorm participates in a project to analyze the morphology and feeding of elephants living in zoos. The park is collaborating in this international program, with another 40 institutions from all over Europe, with the aim of establishing indicators that can measure the optimum state of weight and body condition of the elephants in captivity, in order to control and improve their conditions of wellness.

We start new season with the daily opening of the park

We launched a campaign in March that allows us to get the annual pass for the purchase of a one day ticket (retail price) plus two euros

Celebramos el cumple mes de las dos tigresas de Bengala nacidas en Terra Natura

Esta mañana ha tenido lugar la presentación de las dos tigresas de Bengala que nacieron el pasado 20 de enero en el complejo. Los visitantes tendrán la oportunidad de conocerlas mañana, coincidiendo con el ‘cumple mes’ de las crías y con el acto de apadrinamiento de las pequeñas por parte de Marta Álvarez, concursante de la segunda edición de Masterchef Junior 2 e imagen de ‘Mamá me lo cómo todo’.

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