Ocelot pups born at Terra Natura Benidorm successfully overcome their first month of life

28 de diciembre de 2018 Noticias

The two ocelot pups (Leopardus pardalis) that were born last November continues the process of adapting. This week the ocelots have started to go out to the meadow under the watchful eye of their mother, Selha, and can now be seen by the public in the American area, in the newly expanded ocelot facilities.

The pups have 24h access to the outer pasture, being the mother the one that regulates them the time of stay in the pasture, being in constant vigilance and changing the babies continuously from place as it would in the wild to avoid the possible predators.

At Terra Natura we currently have 21 specimens of 5 different species of felines, 4 of them are the male and female of ocelot adults and the two new offspring. The mother, Selha, is the one who takes care of the little ones, while Father Ahmun does not intervene in the upbringing.

The pups until now were exclusively fed on breast milk, now the mother begins to offer small pieces of meat. They become completely independent of their mother at the age of one. According to the team of zookeepers, their adaptation to the environment is very satisfactory.

When they reach two months of age, if the mother's upbringing evolves favourably, the team of veterinarians of the park will proceed to carry out an exhaustive review consisting of a complete physical examination, weighing and sexing, as well as identifying them by placing a microchip. During the past six weeks there has only been a visual examination of the offspring to avoid a possible stress situation to the mother, which could lead to the rejection of the offspring.

The population of ocelots has been reduced in recent years and was on the verge of extinction. These felines are excellent climbers, have a great sense of smell and are good swimmers.

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