We achieved the reproduction of the most poisonous vertebrate on the planet

03 de enero de 2019 Noticias


This is the first time the park manages to make the golden arrow frogs couple breed in our facilities

In Terra Natura Benidorm we have achieved the reproduction of the golden arrow frog (Phyllobates terribilis), considered the most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. This is the first time that we managed to get the amphibian pair of this species to breed in our facilities, thus contributing to the conservation of this species.

The care of our team of professionals and the specific conditions adopted in the enclosure to favour the adaptation of this species, have concluded in the birth of four specimens of golden arrow frog, a species that is threatened due to the important destruction of its habitat.

The wild specimens have more and more poison due to their feeding as they eat some toxic ants that gives them that fearsome poison. This is why this amphibian does not have natural predators, except the snake Liophis Epinephelus, which only dares to attack the younger specimens endowed with a lower concentration of venom which is not lethal yet.

It is estimated that the paralytic toxin secreted by the glands of their skin is 20 times more potent than any other amphibian in the world, and a single specimen is capable of killing 20,000 laboratory mice.

In Terra Natura Benidorm we currently have a group of golden arrow frogs, there are four individuals of three years old of age, two males and two females, plus the four babies that have recently been born. This amphibian can live between 15 and 20 years, and in adulthood can measure between four and six centimetres.

In total, the pair of frogs of Terra Natura Benidorm has deposited seven eggs and four of them have developed perfectly.



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