Spring is in the air at Terra Natura Benidorm with the first births of the season

29 de marzo de 2019 Noticias

Spring has started in Terra Natura Benidorm with the first births of the season. We just welcomed the birth of a baby fox flying (Pteropus lylei), although the team of veterinarians and zoo keepers hopes that the birth of 10 other offspring of this species will arrive in the next weeks, as there are many females pregnant.

In this moment, we have a family of 29 flying foxes, 4 males, 3 females and 22 are still not determined yet. The genus Pteropus hosts the largest bats in the world. In the strategic framework of the species exchange programmes, it is expected that in time the park will transfer some of these specimens to other zoos belonging to the Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums, to enhance the conservation of this species which It´s not especially threatened, but it is included in Annex II of the CITES treaty, because its populations are being affected by the degradation and deforestation of their natural habitat due to the action of human beings.

The explosion of births in the park does not end in this species. The prairies of Terra Natura Benidorm have witnessed the arrival of 26 mouflon babies (Ovis musimon), and shortly is expected the birth of two other more. The group of babies remains in the grasslands of the European area under the close supervision of their mothers, who do not stop protecting them and will provide them with the necessary food until their emancipation.

A variety of births will also take place in the aviary. Specifically, the pair of teros (Vanellus chilensis) has placed 4 eggs in its nest that will likely hatch this week. It is the second time now. The case of the storks is very similar, they have already nested and are hatching their eggs, and the keepers believe that the chicks will be born soon.

But the effects of spring not only materialize in births, even the behaviours of animals also vary and change. This is the case of the macaws, that have started the rituals of courtship grooming each other and exchanging delicate gifts such as juicy pieces of food or even branches to make the future nest.

Also, the Asian elephants have start to take their first baths of the season in their ponds to cool off. The pachyderms plunge into the pond and hit the water with their huge trunks, splashing around as a game and entertainment.

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