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17 de mayo de 2019 Noticias

The importance of preserving the planet's biodiversity and learning in a fun way will be the central subject of the summer school programme of Terra Natura Benidorm. The summer school it´s oriented to children between 4 to 12 years old. The open term to sign up starts today and all the information is available on the website.

The summer school starts in June, 24th and finish on the 6th of September. This playful and educational programme try to make easy the work-life balance of families during the summer; while the little ones enjoy a well-deserved holiday making new friends in an incomparable natural environment, they acquire theoretical-practical knowledge about the importance of the biodiversity of the Planet through our workshops and activities.

A novelty programme that will promote contact with animals, environmental enrichment and values ​​focused on respect for living beings through zookeepers, veterinarians and educators. English will be learned and improved through the realization of dynamics in this language.

The planned activities include a visit to the hive, care of the garden (including sowing, composting and water purification), and the obligatory visit to the farm to milk the cow and take care of the chicks, goats and other domestic animals.

Among the novelties there will be activities to learn physics and chemistry in a simple and fun way, the snake handling workshop, but stuffed, and the art of falconry, enjoying these beautiful birds closer than ever.

This programme is completed with the visits to the veterinary clinic and the kitchen where the animal diets are made, zookeeper´s talks in the rhinoceros, elephants, felines, primates’ shelters or the workshop to make toys and devices for the entertainment of animals such as ice cream, fruit lollipops, etc. Likewise, boys and girls will have to develop their detective aptitude to identify different animals through their traces and other indications.

The fun in the water will arrive when they visit the Aqua Natura attractions. There, they will enjoy in the water slides, they can also learn or improve their swimming style, discover the 'Adventure Island' children's area or they can snorkel and become little lifeguards in the specific workshop that has been designed in this edition. The leisure offer it is completed with demonstrations and swimming with the sea lions, the mermaid school and aqua gym.



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