Two specimens of capibara are born for the first time

31 de mayo de 2019 Noticias


Life makes its way in Terra Natura Benidorm. On this occasion, the birth of two baby capybaras, known as the largest rodent species on the planet. This is the first time that happens since the couple arrived from Munich in 2015. Despite not being at risk of extinction, their populations are threatened due to hunting.

The two babies are in perfect condition but still don´t know the sex of them. The team of zoo keepers are taking care of them; at birth they weighed around a kilo and a half, and now they are under observation to monitor their correct development and adaptation to the environment. They have already started to go out at different hours.

The capybaras are aquatic animals. In fact, they spend most of the day in the water, where they feel more secure against their predators, which are usually anacondas, jaguars and alligators. Therefore, their facility has a pond where they can dive and swim. At first, the mother restricts their access to water until they start swimming in shallow areas, which is happening this week.

This species lives in herds and makes group relationships. When they notice a threat, they make a sound similar to a bark so all the group goes quickly into the water. Capibaras at birth usually have between two and eight babies after a pregnancy of 150 days. The offspring that have just been born in Terra Natura Benidorm will be weaned when they reach three months of life.

The two capybaras will be with their parents the first year because in this species the couple takes care of the babies together until they are about a year old. The protection of the group during the first year is important because these specimens are small and easily tired, which makes them vulnerable to possible predators.


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